If I had $100 to spend on a 3 course meal for my whole family this is what i would do :

Jack(me): Entree: Nachos with cheese, Meal: Chicken parmagiana with a side of chips, Dessert: Ice cream with ice magic, caramel topping, sprinkles and a Freddo Frog.

Aussie(my brother): Entree: Small bowl of chips, Meal: Chicken nuggets with salad, Dessert: Chocolate fudge with ice cream and normal cream.

Dene(Mum): Entree: Small bowl of wedges, Meal: Chicken parmagiana with a side of salad, Dessert: Mixed berry muffins with melted chocolate sauce and cream.

Aidy(Dad): Entree: Nachos with cheese, Meal: BBQ Meatball pizza with chips, Dessert: Two Carlton draught beers (sounds good).

Nachos with cheese $4
Small chips/wedges $3
Chicken parmagiana with chips/salad $10
Chicken nuggets with salad $9
Any pizza with chips $9
Ice cream $4
Chocolate Fudge $5
Muffins $4
Drinks $4
Extras $1

Student Blogging Challenge

It would be awesome if i could meet these people and ask them these questions,

Andy Griffiths: How do you feel when you write books. Why?

Daniel Menzal:What gives you the momentum to keep playing after an injury?

Great Grandpa Jack: Why were you so special that i was named after you?

Kelly Slater: At what age did you start to surf?

Imagine Dragon: What else do the letters of your band name spell?

Micheal Jackson: What drugs did you take?

Harry Styles: Who inspired you to sing?

Ryan Sheckler: Who was your idol when you were young?

Steve Nash: how did you become so good at basketball?

student blogging challenge