Student Blogging Challenge

It would be awesome if i could meet these people and ask them these questions,

Andy Griffiths: How do you feel when you write books. Why?

Daniel Menzal:What gives you the momentum to keep playing after an injury?

Great Grandpa Jack: Why were you so special that i was named after you?

Kelly Slater: At what age did you start to surf?

Imagine Dragon: What else do the letters of your band name spell?

Micheal Jackson: What drugs did you take?

Harry Styles: Who inspired you to sing?

Ryan Sheckler: Who was your idol when you were young?

Steve Nash: how did you become so good at basketball?

student blogging challenge

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  1. G’day Jack,
    Over a century ago, there used to be a naming pattern for children being born. eg First daughter named after maternal grandmother, first son named after paternal grandfather and so on. That is how names got passed down through the generations.

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