Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker was born in Croydon, England on November 2nd 1950. She is the eldest of six children. She is a multi-award winning author and illustrator of children picture books. Not only is she a writer and illustrator but she has also directed a few short films. She has a unique and recognisable style. Most of her stories have something to do with sustainability and the environment.

I don’t like Jeannie Baker very much because all of her books have the same meaning and message. Some of her books have no words and i don’t like books like that.

Student Blogging Challenge

These are some of the hidden secrets that might be in a jungle or forest-

1. Underground trap doors

2. Mysterious and mythical creatures

3. Treasure chests full of priceless riches

4. Secret enterances and exits

5. Unknown objects and animals

6. Secret lairs and mansions

7. Secret pathways and passages

8. Haunted house

9. creepy and scary ghosts

10. Puzzles and riddles that need to be answered to move on