Homework Reflections

Week 1- This week was really fun and my favourite part of it was when we got to do draw squad and sport. I think that i picked a really good fit book but there is one area that i think that i need to improve on which is making better seating choices. Most of the time that i was doing my work i was sitting around my mates and being easily distracted. I think that i need to set myself a goal for next week so i can improve the way i work. My goal is to sit somewhere that i can get on with my work and not be distracted.

Week 2-  This week i think that i did quiet well in maths but need to challenge myself a bit more and step out of my comfort zone. Last week i set myself a goal to make better seating choices. I think that i achieved my goal but need to keep it up. I will now start to sit back with my mates but try not to enter conversations or stop myself from doing my work. My most improved subject would have to be big idea as i am enjoying the experiments every step of the way.

Week 3- It’s been NAPLAN week and i think that i did a pretty good job. I have had a parent/teacher/student interview with my teacher Mr. Hynes and i have identified a few areas that i could improve in. My parents were happy with there responses and think that it was my best interview yet because they now know everything they need to about how i am going at school. I also agree that it was a great interview because now i know what i need to do to become an even better student. My strongest area this week has been maths because another one of my teachers has introduced workshops so students can teach one another.

Week 4- This week has been the funnest of the four because we have started another two week block on big idea and we get to pick any topic that has something to do with science. I have decided to do chemistry and have just finished writing up the sheet that says what makes the explosion and what to chemicals make a reaction. On the weekend i am going to do the experiment with my Dad and video it on my iPod. This week we had our school open day and lots of parents who had children started to come around the school asking the students questions about our work and our school.


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