Start and Stop Handwriting

At the centre

of the football ground Trent West had just smashed the ball to Joel Selwood. He took two bounces then kicked it down to Billie Smedts with five seconds on the clock. He was at the top of the goal square and Geelong Cats were down by two points. The siren went, he kicked the goal and the crowd went wild but all this chaos started

At the centre.

During the summer

the sun was burning hot and everyone was enjoying themselves at the beach. There were surfers everywhere and the waves were pumping. Everyone loves to get outside, enjoy the weather and most importantly have loads of fun

During the summer.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Jack, your blog is really up to date, some cool poems you have written. I think I know were you got the idea from footy because you love it so much.I was iterested in your reflections and how you set it out it gave me an idea for next time when I do my reflections.

    Awesome blog Noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice work Jack, I really enjoyed that poem. You described the summer and playing at the beach very well. To make it better you could have done the sentences underneath each other to make it a bit more easier to read. The picture was a excellent and related with the picture really well. Jack, what made you think of the beach subject? Did you ever think of talking about water ballon fight and climbing trees, even Free Running? Next time just make it 20% cooler. Overall it was outstanding.


  3. Hi Jack,
    your blog is AWESOME and you have heaps of great posts. I love the detail of your poems and you set it out fantastically. i love the way you described the at the centre poem. Overall i think you blog is FANTASTIC.
    By the way zsa.

    Peace Out!

  4. great job jack i really like how you have set out these poems. i really like your fantastic imagination, and how you put time and effort you have put into them. i am really liking your blog but maybe you could add some more pictures in, in some places. but good job keep it up.

    Benny boy

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