Ecological Footprint

I did my ecological footprint and found out that if everyone in the world lived like me, we would need 2.1 earths!

If i had to change some things to reduce the amount of earths we would need they would be – 1. Ride my bike more often instead of mum having to drive my brother and i everywhere. 2. Extend my eating habits so that we can start buying more food locally.

Religion homework-Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Mum and Dad


This is my Mum and Dad. I have chosen them to represent the gifts and fruits of the holy spirit. One of the main gifts that both my mum and dad show is happiness because they are always happy and joyful. They are kind, funny and tell good jokes (well my dad’s jokes really aren’t that funny but I laugh anyway). My Dad is very modest and doesn’t tend to boast about what he is good at.  The best thing about mum is that she is always there to look after us where as dad is normally working. When dad isn’t working he enjoys spending quality time with my brother and I. My Mum is reliable and you can always count on her to be there for you. If I had to sum up my Mum and Dad in one word it would be AWESOME!