R.E. Reflections

James Hughes, Will Marshall and i did our religion project on Judaism. We did a prezi, a temple and a page of info about how and where they pray. I think that we cooperated pretty well and worked as a team. One of the things that we could have done better is planned it so that we were a little bit more in control of what was going to happen during each session. Overall, i think we did well and i learnt a lot of new things about what Jewish people do that is different from us and what the y do that is the same as us.

Weekly Reflections 2

This week in maths we have been focusing on the cartesian plane. We had to draw something, find the coordinates, rub out the picture and then give the book to a partner to figure out what the picture was. In literacy we have been doing a compare and contrast about round the twist and the cabbage patch fib. We created a venn diagram that was about the similarities and differences between the the cabbage patch fib and round the twist. This week i have tried to start sitting with different people so i don’t get distracted but i still need to improve at challenging myself and staying on the safe side.

Weekly Reflections

For the first three days of this week i was in the snow but when i got back to school maths had changed a lot. It was fantastic because we all got to make shapes and buildings with 3d shapes. We had to draw the structure from every angle and let someone else rebuild by looking at what we had drawn. On the Thursday that i arrived back at school we had a TRASH ‘N’ FASHION parade and we had a catwalk made out of recycled newspaper. I was one of the judges and i picked Caitlan Ashley as the winner. Some of the things that i think i could improved at this week would be where i sit and trying not to get sidetracked.