Persuasive Writing – Goals

Goal – improve my supportive evidence

Learning Objective – we are learning to use supportive evidence in our persuasive writing.

Success Criteria – we will be successful when we thoroughly understand how to support our evidence, in persuasive writing.

Title: School should be canceled over 35 degrees.

Bad Example:

I think school should be cancled over 35 degrees because i said so. I get bad grades when i could be surfing. Also my drink bottle warms up and i cant be bothered filling it back up.

Good Example:

Kids can get dehydrated by not drinking enough water. Dehydration can lead to dizzyness or tiredness which will stop kids from concentrating. A lack of concentration will lead to bad grades etc etc.


  • None


  • The Bad example was terrible because it had no supportive evidence and it was just one child’s opinion.
  • The Good example was great because not only did it back the arguements up but it did it multiple times.



The Maths behind walking!

you might think that maths is addition and subtraction etc but there is also maths in the most simple things in life such as walking! the distance between each step and how high your foot reaches before touching the ground. the amount of kilometres that you travel per hour depending on the pace that you walk at. Believe it or not walking is actually a sport in the olympics. It’s a walking race that you always have to have at least one foot on the ground. Another thing in walking that is linked to maths is the angle of the leg as you are taking a step (90, 180 degrees).

100 word challenge

” Finally we made it” said Jerry as he jumped out of the car. “What should we do first ” said John as he sprinted towards all the rides at water bomb park. It was lunchtime and when John opened the lid of his lunchbox but there was nothing except fruit and vegetables. It was a disaster. “Dad help I only have healthy food in my lunchbox”. “Oh well” said dad as he got his bathers on. “Go have fun boys but make sure you’re back by 2:00” said Mum. the boys left and were never heard from again.

THE END by jack

Reflection on my workshop

Noah and I did A workshop on prime numbers and I think we did A great job. At the start we went from easy to hard instead of showing the students how the formula works. We decided to start again and everything ran perfectly. At the end of the workshop we got feedback from the people who attended our workshop. Zoe: Noah and Jacks Workshop went really well because I didn’t understand anything they were saying so they helped me and I understood. In the end we all learnt something which was great, so I rate them 10 out of 10! Charlotte: I thought it was a really good workshop because I learnt what a prime number is and a couple of formulas that can help me find a prime number easier So I give them a ten out of ten!

100 Word Challenge

My friend Hunter and I had just arrived in Melbourne to watch the formula one racing. we couldn’t wait to see Mark Webber take out the title. 3…2…1… Go! bbbbbrrrrrrrr bbrr bbbbbbbrrrrrr come on Webber take the lead my Dad bet a hundred dollars that you would win so don’t let him down. Oh no he’s driving out of control he’s gonna crash. BOOM! flames and parts of Mark Webber’s car was went flying all over the course which made created a chain effect so all the other racers crashed except Daniel Ricciardo who gracefully crossed the finish line. Goodbye and goodnight.