Persuasive Writing – Goals

Goal – improve my supportive evidence

Learning Objective – we are learning to use supportive evidence in our persuasive writing.

Success Criteria – we will be successful when we thoroughly understand how to support our evidence, in persuasive writing.

Title: School should be canceled over 35 degrees.

Bad Example:

I think school should be cancled over 35 degrees because i said so. I get bad grades when i could be surfing. Also my drink bottle warms up and i cant be bothered filling it back up.

Good Example:

Kids can get dehydrated by not drinking enough water. Dehydration can lead to dizzyness or tiredness which will stop kids from concentrating. A lack of concentration will lead to bad grades etc etc.


  • None


  • The Bad example was terrible because it had no supportive evidence and it was just one child’s opinion.
  • The Good example was great because not only did it back the arguements up but it did it multiple times.



One Response

  1. Hi Jack,
    I like how you supported your argument by giving the example on dehydration. How could you add a little more to the paragraph to make it even stronger? Keep up your great efforts Jack!
    Mrs Todd

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