The whistle has been blown and off they go. 30 seconds into the first half and the Netherlands have already scored their first goal. It is now Spain’s ball from the centre and….. NO WAY the Netherlands have made a steal and here goes Philip Cocu to kick his first goal. SWWSSHH and the crowd goes wild as the ball floats through the goals but that’s what happens in Brazil when an amazing goal is scored. There goes the siren. It isn’t over yet for Spain as they have just scored two goals. Three seconds left and Spain kick a goal!


(exactly 100 words not including the end or this)

St Harvey

I have chosen Saint Harvey as my saint because I think of him as a role model. His feast day is on the 17th of July And he died at the age of 35. He was a warrior and he was extremely helpful and kind to his communities. Saint Harvey was a blind warrior and he was famous for his miracles. He is the patron saint of the blind and of musicians And he was invoked to cure eye problems. Saint Harvey lived in. He was born in 521 and he died in 556. Saint Harvey makes me want to be a better person because he did have a disability but that didn’t stop him at all. It motivated him to work harder to help people that needed it. I think that being able to do that is really motivational and inspiring. At birth saint harvey was given the name Haerviu which meant “battle worthy”. As he grew up he became a good abbot to his community (Plouvien). He then decided as an adult that he would leave his community and live somewhere new. HE arrived in a place called Lanhourneau and decided to call it home. One of the miracles that saint harvey performed was that he could cure sick horses.

That is why I chose saint Harvey as my confirmation saint name.


The 7 Sacraments


the symbols for baptism are the holy water, Holy cross, the Candle and the Dove. It is your parents decision on wether or not that you make your baptism because you are to young. Making your baptism brings you into the church community. Baptism is a Greek word. You get the Holy water poured over your forehead by the priest.


When you do reconciliation you confess all your sins to the priest and he forgives you. Reconciliation is a time for you to confess all of your sins and when you do so it feels good because you know start you are starting fresh again with nothing to be ashamed of.


The symbols of Eucharist are the Bread, the Wine, Grapes and Wheat. Eucharist means thanksgiving and is also known as the Holy communion. When you make your communion you eat the bread wine drink the wine.


The symbols of confirmation are the Dove, the Cross and tongues of Fire. When you make your Confirmation you become a complete catholic. You pick a s saint name that will become part of your name. You become closer to god and pick a sponsor when you do your confirmation.

Holy Orders

The sacrament of Holy orders is a continuation of Christ’s priesthood. The three levels of the sacrament are Episcopate, Priesthood and Diaconate. Another name for the sacrament of Holy Orders is Ordination.

Anointing of the Sick

The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is celebrated before your death. The symbols of this sacrament are the Bible and the Holy Oil. Like all sacraments this sacrament was created by Jesus Christ. When you are anointed, the oil is normally poured over the palms of your hands and your forehead.