I decided that I would do my biography on my Dad. The thing that I enjoyed most about this is that I could find out lots of new things about my dad that I never knew!



my Dad went to Christ the King primary school in Geelong and he described the school as strict but still a whole lot of fun. His best childhood memory was going on holidays with his family. One year when he went to Merimbula and went fishing with his family and nobody caught a fish until on the way back on the boat when my Dad caught 4 fish in a row! His best friends when he was in Primary school were Dale **** and Damien *******.


 My Dad went to St Mary’s  for his secondary school years and thought that it was a good school and really enjoyed the fact that they offered trade subjects as my Dad wanted to be a carpenter when he was older. My Dad was a prefect in year 11 at his school which is a bit like a school captain. He was still friends with the same people as he was with in primary school but his amount of friends increased as it was a much bigger school.


My Dad’s first part time job was a paper round which he would do once a week and his first full time job was an apprentice joiner. His best adulthood memory was meeting my mum and the day that they got married.


My dad’s extra curriculum activities/sports were little athletics, footy and he even competed in BMX racing. My dad did lots of different sports throughout his childhood. My dad is now married with 2 boys and manages a commercial joinery factory.

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