I have decided to do my book report on a book called Tom Carroll. This book is a biography on a man called Tom Carroll that is written by his brother Nick Carroll. The reason that i chose this book is because it is a book i have recently read ( i am still reading it ) and i am really enjoying it.


The characters in this book so far are mainly family members of Tom but there are also some of tom’s friends such as Alan French which was Tom’s first real surfing mate. The interesting part about the story is that it goes back and forward from Nick talking in the story to Tom talking in the story. they each had different perspectives and the way that you could tell them apart was because they were in different fonts.


setting of the story changed a lot as they moved houses a fair few times and there were heaps of different surf spots that they would go to. The theme of the story is about what it was like for Tom as a chid and a professional surfer before he took all the dugs and medication that he shouldn’t have taken.


The book had every last detail that you could possibly need and it described the life of Tom Carroll. It told you everything that you might need to know like all the schools that he went to, his friends, his family and also everyone of his surfboards!


Overall i think that this book is a fantastic book and i haven’t even read the whole thing yet. Although i don’t think that they could possibly know the exact words that they said when they were younger. if i had to describe this book in one word it would be AWESOME!

By Jack

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  1. Sounds like an awesome book! Do you rather biography’s over other types of texts? From my opinion it sounds like you like the storyline because it’s about surfing but that’s good because reading books about your passion makes you want to read more. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book:)

    • Thanks for the comment and to answer your question I probably like narratives the best but this biography is a good book but it is one of the first bigger biographies that I have read.

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