Nitro Circus

The feeling of the heat from the flame machines was awesome and the adrenaline rush you get when you see someone land a trick that is out of this world. The buttery smell of the yellow salty little clouds of puff was so delicious. The sound was so loud and the music was pumping so much that you could hear it from China. It was so amazing watching all the professionals do their stuff. It was so exciting when they showed a clip of someone doing a trick on the big screen and then one of the members from Nitro Circus had to do it. The one thing that I couldn’t get over was the taste of the beautiful meat pies and the salty sauce that was on them. At the end of the night on the way home it was so quiet and you couldn’t hear a thing because we were all sound asleep.

By Jack


My Workshop (my thoughts)
I thought our workshop went really well and that we taught the people that came to our workshop lots of interesting information. On the downside we did suffer some technical difficulties because our iPad went flat but we did have work in our books as another source of information. We got good scores from the people that came to our workshop and here is what we thought of some other peoples workshops. I think that we used our time pretty well (me anyway, I don’t know about the rest of my group). The most interesting things that I learnt were about all the stories of histories AFL players that have a different cultural background.

Darcy’s workshop – Topic – European settlement
Facts I learnt:
. Aboriginal people arrived in Australia about 60,000 years ago
. The Euro’s weren’t respectful of the Aboriginals as they poisoned their food and did other terrible things
. The Aboriginals respected the Europeans
. Europeans tried to kill the Aboriginals

It was an Interesting workshop and it was good that I was learning about the history of my own country and how it all originally started. I rate this a 9.5/10.


Anton and Umi’s workshop – Topic – Aussie and Japanese Culture
Facts I learnt:
. Top Aussie food is a Hamburger and the top Japanese food is Tonkasu
. Top Aussie sport is AFL and the top Japanese sport is Sumo Wrestling
. Top Aussie drink is Coke and the top Japanese drink is Iced Green Tea

There workshop was pretty good but could have been spoken better and they should have focused more on the culture than just the countries favourite things. I rate this a 7/10.

Angus and Conall’s workshop – Topic – Refugees and Asylum seekers
Facts I learnt:
. Refugee is a person who has to flee their country because of war
. An asylum seeker leaves their country for a better life or career
. Most people that come to Australia as refugees are from Asia

This workshop was presented pretty poorly but they did know their information and they told me a lot of interesting facts. I rate this a 8.5/10.

Book Review 2 (picture story book)

For my second book that I will be writing a review on is Oh, The Places You’ll Go!  By Dr. Seuss. I reviewed on the Characters, the main idea of the story and the setting/date/time.


There wasn’t really any main characters in this book but there was a bunch of characters that were made up and were really creative. He comes up with so many different awesome names and pictures and that is a really big tick towards a good book from my point of view. There was one person that was like a main character but he didn’t have a name.


The setting of this book moved around a lot as it says in the title (Oh, The Places You’ll Go!). there were heaps of different settings. For instance there was a time when everyone was flying Hot Air Balloon type thing over all the mountains in the sky. Another time the main character was juggling on which street to take or not to take a street at all!


The main idea of this book was to find why nobody is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes throughout there life and you can’t help that. It helped you to think about the positive things as it was more of a motivational book than a picture story book.


There was no real date or time in this book but it was really funny and the fact that the characters weren’t real made me think that the book could have been set i the future or sometime later in life.

AUTHOR (my thoughts)

tThe Author of this book is Dr. Seuss and if i was to describe him in one word it would be creative. I have read most of his books and think that they are pretty funny and imaginative. My favourite book by Dr. Seuss is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish as i knew so well that i could tell the story before i could even read.

By Jack


I did this with two other students in my class and we joined them all together!


Kai threw a Jawbreaker at Jack in the jaw, the shock made him pass out. Then Kai turned around and threw rapid fire caramels at Billy, the sticky ness made his feet stick to the ground, then Kai threw Skittles at Hunter’s eyes and he was blinded and then Kai threw his ultimate weapon The Muffin. There was a loud bang.

Billy threw an Ice cold cup of fanta at jack. All of a sudden everyone was running around throwing full bottles of coke, fanta and every other drink in the canteen.Kai throw a boiling hot coffee at Hunter. “It burns”, says Hunter. One second billy was standing there the next he grabbed a can of redbull and jacked it across the room. It hit the wall and exploded with a Big Bang.

There he is …….. Billy. “Let’s get him” said Kai. “I will get the meat pie launcher” said hunter ” so we can cover him in pastry”. ” Aagghhhh ” said billy. “He is nearly done ” said hunter ” finish him off Jack “. Jack ran up to billy and strangled him with an ultra long overcooked sausage. ” he’s nearly dead ” said Kai as he threw the hot chip of death. “Nnnnooooooooooooooooo” said billy.