I did this with two other students in my class and we joined them all together!


Kai threw a Jawbreaker at Jack in the jaw, the shock made him pass out. Then Kai turned around and threw rapid fire caramels at Billy, the sticky ness made his feet stick to the ground, then Kai threw Skittles at Hunter’s eyes and he was blinded and then Kai threw his ultimate weapon The Muffin. There was a loud bang.

Billy threw an Ice cold cup of fanta at jack. All of a sudden everyone was running around throwing full bottles of coke, fanta and every other drink in the canteen.Kai throw a boiling hot coffee at Hunter. “It burns”, says Hunter. One second billy was standing there the next he grabbed a can of redbull and jacked it across the room. It hit the wall and exploded with a Big Bang.

There he is …….. Billy. “Let’s get him” said Kai. “I will get the meat pie launcher” said hunter ” so we can cover him in pastry”. ” Aagghhhh ” said billy. “He is nearly done ” said hunter ” finish him off Jack “. Jack ran up to billy and strangled him with an ultra long overcooked sausage. ” he’s nearly dead ” said Kai as he threw the hot chip of death. “Nnnnooooooooooooooooo” said billy.


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