Book Review 2 (picture story book)

For my second book that I will be writing a review on is Oh, The Places You’ll Go!  By Dr. Seuss. I reviewed on the Characters, the main idea of the story and the setting/date/time.


There wasn’t really any main characters in this book but there was a bunch of characters that were made up and were really creative. He comes up with so many different awesome names and pictures and that is a really big tick towards a good book from my point of view. There was one person that was like a main character but he didn’t have a name.


The setting of this book moved around a lot as it says in the title (Oh, The Places You’ll Go!). there were heaps of different settings. For instance there was a time when everyone was flying Hot Air Balloon type thing over all the mountains in the sky. Another time the main character was juggling on which street to take or not to take a street at all!


The main idea of this book was to find why nobody is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes throughout there life and you can’t help that. It helped you to think about the positive things as it was more of a motivational book than a picture story book.


There was no real date or time in this book but it was really funny and the fact that the characters weren’t real made me think that the book could have been set i the future or sometime later in life.

AUTHOR (my thoughts)

tThe Author of this book is Dr. Seuss and if i was to describe him in one word it would be creative. I have read most of his books and think that they are pretty funny and imaginative. My favourite book by Dr. Seuss is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish as i knew so well that i could tell the story before i could even read.

By Jack

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