News issue

I was watching the news and saw a horrible thing that was happening in parliament. There was a man that tried to break into the building and successfully did. He shot dead one soldier and injured others. He kept on trying to run and hide from the police officers and the chase went on for quiet a long period of time. Up to 40 shots were fired and one shot killed the man. The man was a soldier that survived war so he did know what he was doing. It wasn’t clear that the man was attacking alone so the police came heavily armed. His name was Nathan Cirillo and his life ended quiet early on Wednesday the 22 of October 2014. But before you get worried this was all in Canada so there is nothing to worry about.

Writing Piece

This is a writing piece that i am writing using a seed from earlier in the year

“BEEP” that is the siren for the game of soccer to start and we arrived right on is the Western Cookies against the Southern Apricots. “YEAH” there has already been a goal scored by David Davidson from the Western Cookies. Thats my team but it’s not over yet because the Apricots are coming back from that goal and scoring one themselves. This is a tough game and they are going to win the grand final if they win this game. Come on Cookies quickly get the ball down your end and…… Oh No the Apricots got another goal. No problem there though because the Cookies snagged a quick little goal within 20 seconds. 1 minute left and the scores are level, the Cookies have just made a steal and are making there way down the field. “YYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS” Barry Barrison kicked the winning goal and they have been crowned the soccer champions.

Big Idea Reflection

Big idea – Mission day

What went well- Our stall was really great on mission day as we raised a lot of money to go to Vietnam and we had loads of participants. At our stall you had to knock down all of the cans that were stacked up on a table with a ball and the amount that you knocked down was how we judged what your prize was. Everything pretty much went to plan and there wasn’t much that went wrong.

What i would change- The one thing that i would change would be our preparation as we weren’t as organised as we could have been. To many people would come at the same time and we would have to rush people to have there go which wasn’t good. Other than that most things went well.

Suggestions for next year- I think that all of this years stall were great but the one thing that i would bring back from previous years as it is very fun and also very interactive. The other thing that i would change would be the amount of food stalls. there wasn’t to many food stalls in general but there were to many people doing the same foods.

Hope and Joy

Nicole *******

Nicole is my basketball coach and is a person that shows heaps of Hope and Joy from my perspective. She always encourages us to do our best if we are winning or losing. she is always hopeful that we can still win no matter what the scores are. But i guess it is not about winning because even if we do lose you won’t see nicole looking disappointed in us. She is always joyful and happy with whatever we have to offer. She is one of the best coaches that i have ever had (apart from Mr. Gibbons of course) and i hope to have her coach me again in the future. She is considerate of others on and off the court and always has a smile on her face.

Living in a treehouse

“Welcome to our treehouse where anything is possible and when I say anything, I mean it.” Sorry that was a terrible intro let me start again. ” Hello my name is Ethan and this is my best friend Tom”. “Bonjour”. ” As you may have already noticed Tom is a bit loopy”. “Hey, I’m not loopy It’s just that my brain is as big as the average person” “or the average Fruit fly, clearly”. ” Now back to the topic of our treehouse, you name it, we’ve got it and the newest invention I have secretly been working on is a kitchen”. “A kitchen, are you serious what is special about a kitchen”! “This isn’t any old kitchen” I said “This kitchen is like a super speed retro Kitchen that cooks meat in 3.456375 seconds and freezes water in 4.1648535  seconds but the best thing about this kitchen is that it is allergic to healthy foods so we can eat as much bad food as we like”! The fridge happened to be in the kitchen at the same time as the boys and he was listening to their conversation. The fridge was disappointed in Tom and Ethan and decided that he didn’t belong in a kitchen without healthy foods so he took a hike and went to the mountain of lost fridges. “Hey Tom where is the ice-cream in fact where is the fridge”. “Oh no” I say with a mouthful of chocolate in my mouth “he probably heard our conversation about not eating healthy foods and got angry with us and left the kitchen”! “Where would he go because after all he is a fridge and fridges don’t even have legs”. “Anything is possible in this treehouse”. It was settled, they were going to search for the fridge no matter what it takes because a kitchen isn’t a kitchen without a fridge. They searched high and lo looking for the fridge but there was no fridge to be found until they saw what looked like chicken feet tracks along the ground so they decided to follow them. The tracks lead them to a mountain that was so cold that I might as well live in Antarctica in my undies. “There it is” I say “our fridge is just up that mountain”. “Well that was surprisingly easy” says Tom when they reach the top of the mountain. “Yeah, there was only the odd monster truck, a couple of dinosaurs and a gigantic wedge tailed eagle that we had to avoid”. “Stop right there fridge, you’re coming with us”. “I’m not going anywhere without healthy foods” replied the fridge. “There is only one way to get me back into that kitchen is to promise me that you will eat broccoli everyday for a year”. “Fine, we promise”. When we got back home the fridge forced us to eat broccoli for dinner. “Eat up” said the fridge. “A promise is a promise”. “Can I have a drink of water” asked Tom. While Tom was busy getting water I was stuck here with the fridge. I was just about to eat the broccoli but before I put it in my mouth I heard a weird noise. when I looked up I saw a fridge with no legs or arms or anything, it was just a fridge. “What did you do Tom” i said. “Simple, i just pulled the plug from the power source”. i hugged Tom (which was a bit weird) and we went to the kitchen and had a look at the oven. We used our super speed skills because it is a super speed kitchen and split the oven in half so one half could freeze and the other could cook. Normally i think happy ending are a bit cheesy but not in this case i guess.

The End
By Jack Farrow