Big Idea Reflection

Big idea – Mission day

What went well- Our stall was really great on mission day as we raised a lot of money to go to Vietnam and we had loads of participants. At our stall you had to knock down all of the cans that were stacked up on a table with a ball and the amount that you knocked down was how we judged what your prize was. Everything pretty much went to plan and there wasn’t much that went wrong.

What i would change- The one thing that i would change would be our preparation as we weren’t as organised as we could have been. To many people would come at the same time and we would have to rush people to have there go which wasn’t good. Other than that most things went well.

Suggestions for next year- I think that all of this years stall were great but the one thing that i would bring back from previous years as it is very fun and also very interactive. The other thing that i would change would be the amount of food stalls. there wasn’t to many food stalls in general but there were to many people doing the same foods.

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