Writing Piece

This is a writing piece that i am writing using a seed from earlier in the year

“BEEP” that is the siren for the game of soccer to start and we arrived right on time.it is the Western Cookies against the Southern Apricots. “YEAH” there has already been a goal scored by David Davidson from the Western Cookies. Thats my team but it’s not over yet because the Apricots are coming back from that goal and scoring one themselves. This is a tough game and they are going to win the grand final if they win this game. Come on Cookies quickly get the ball down your end and…… Oh No the Apricots got another goal. No problem there though because the Cookies snagged a quick little goal within 20 seconds. 1 minute left and the scores are level, the Cookies have just made a steal and are making there way down the field. “YYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS” Barry Barrison kicked the winning goal and they have been crowned the soccer champions.

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