I decided that I would do my biography on my Dad. The thing that I enjoyed most about this is that I could find out lots of new things about my dad that I never knew!



my Dad went to Christ the King primary school in Geelong and he described the school as strict but still a whole lot of fun. His best childhood memory was going on holidays with his family. One year when he went to Merimbula and went fishing with his family and nobody caught a fish until on the way back on the boat when my Dad caught 4 fish in a row! His best friends when he was in Primary school were Dale **** and Damien *******.


 My Dad went to St Mary’s  for his secondary school years and thought that it was a good school and really enjoyed the fact that they offered trade subjects as my Dad wanted to be a carpenter when he was older. My Dad was a prefect in year 11 at his school which is a bit like a school captain. He was still friends with the same people as he was with in primary school but his amount of friends increased as it was a much bigger school.


My Dad’s first part time job was a paper round which he would do once a week and his first full time job was an apprentice joiner. His best adulthood memory was meeting my mum and the day that they got married.


My dad’s extra curriculum activities/sports were little athletics, footy and he even competed in BMX racing. My dad did lots of different sports throughout his childhood. My dad is now married with 2 boys and manages a commercial joinery factory.



I think that this song and video clip were very inspiring to everyone around the world. As you could see in the clip there were people dying and getting injured but it was as if we don’t care. War is a terrible thing and I know that our country is lucky not to be involved in a war or fighting of any kind. Without war earth would be a better place for everyone. Not having wars or fights would benefit everyone because some people have to flee their country because of it. Lot’s of people come to Australia because it is a safe and lucky country. My great grandfather went to war and lived to tell the story so he is like a superhero to me. My parents decided that I would be named after him as his name is also Jack ******. Having a relative that has been to war makes it mean so much more to me. I am not sure what role my great grandfather served at the war but I am pretty sure that he was a soldier. This video clip just proved that the world would be a better place if there was no such thing as war or violence. If everyone did exactly the same as what happened in the clip it would 100% HEAL THE WORLD!


In Iraq there has been a war that has killed many people. The Iraqis have just been going about their business and living their daily lives but are being held hostage for it. Many Iraqis have been killed for doing nothing which is making Iraq a very dangerous country. There have been bombs planted in random places in Iraq that have gone off at the most unexpected times and have killed many Iraqis. Another terrible thing that is happening in Iraq is that a man is training his six year old son to become a terrorist. At the age of only six years old he walks around with a gun and wearing camo army army gear. I saw a picture on the news of the boy holding a decapitated head. To think that a little boy is running around in Iraq with a gun would be very frightening because who knows what he might do with it. The man that has been training the boy is supposedly his father. This child has done so many disgusting and terrible things and he is a danger to everyone. If this war was never started and nobody was killed it would help HEAL THE WORLD!



I am comparing the song heal the world to a movie called Saving Private Ryan. The movie was about a soldier and his three brothers who were also soldiers. Private Ryan was an amazing soldier but he was in trouble and needed help. Eight other soldiers went on a journey/adventure to find and save Private Ryan. Their journey was very dangerous as there was a lot of combat and fighting along the way. There were times where the soldiers wanted to just give up and turn back but it was to late. There were heaps of near death situations and even some death situations! I think that it is a great action-packed movie because eight men risked their live to save the life of one. Three of the eight soldiers died horribly as they were saving Private Ryan. The soldiers names were John H.Miller, Wade and Private Daniel Jackson. When I had finished watching this movie there were so many question going through my head about what the soldiers might have been thinking. Overall I think that the movie was inspiring and I would recommend to anybody who likes action movies.


By Jack

Creation Stories

I think that I did pretty good with my creation stories but one of the things that I think I could work on would be my time management. I did like the rainbow serpent  but it didn’t seem realistic at all. I really don’t think that a big snake type thing would go around eating people and turning them into trees, bird and animals. the Genesis story was really good though, as a catholic is the story that I believe most. I do believe that god created the world along with everything on it. I do think that I did well with my project but there were a few areas that could be improved.


The whistle has been blown and off they go. 30 seconds into the first half and the Netherlands have already scored their first goal. It is now Spain’s ball from the centre and….. NO WAY the Netherlands have made a steal and here goes Philip Cocu to kick his first goal. SWWSSHH and the crowd goes wild as the ball floats through the goals but that’s what happens in Brazil when an amazing goal is scored. There goes the siren. It isn’t over yet for Spain as they have just scored two goals. Three seconds left and Spain kick a goal!


(exactly 100 words not including the end or this)

St Harvey

I have chosen Saint Harvey as my saint because I think of him as a role model. His feast day is on the 17th of July And he died at the age of 35. He was a warrior and he was extremely helpful and kind to his communities. Saint Harvey was a blind warrior and he was famous for his miracles. He is the patron saint of the blind and of musicians And he was invoked to cure eye problems. Saint Harvey lived in. He was born in 521 and he died in 556. Saint Harvey makes me want to be a better person because he did have a disability but that didn’t stop him at all. It motivated him to work harder to help people that needed it. I think that being able to do that is really motivational and inspiring. At birth saint harvey was given the name Haerviu which meant “battle worthy”. As he grew up he became a good abbot to his community (Plouvien). He then decided as an adult that he would leave his community and live somewhere new. HE arrived in a place called Lanhourneau and decided to call it home. One of the miracles that saint harvey performed was that he could cure sick horses.

That is why I chose saint Harvey as my confirmation saint name.


The 7 Sacraments


the symbols for baptism are the holy water, Holy cross, the Candle and the Dove. It is your parents decision on wether or not that you make your baptism because you are to young. Making your baptism brings you into the church community. Baptism is a Greek word. You get the Holy water poured over your forehead by the priest.


When you do reconciliation you confess all your sins to the priest and he forgives you. Reconciliation is a time for you to confess all of your sins and when you do so it feels good because you know start you are starting fresh again with nothing to be ashamed of.


The symbols of Eucharist are the Bread, the Wine, Grapes and Wheat. Eucharist means thanksgiving and is also known as the Holy communion. When you make your communion you eat the bread wine drink the wine.


The symbols of confirmation are the Dove, the Cross and tongues of Fire. When you make your Confirmation you become a complete catholic. You pick a s saint name that will become part of your name. You become closer to god and pick a sponsor when you do your confirmation.

Holy Orders

The sacrament of Holy orders is a continuation of Christ’s priesthood. The three levels of the sacrament are Episcopate, Priesthood and Diaconate. Another name for the sacrament of Holy Orders is Ordination.

Anointing of the Sick

The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is celebrated before your death. The symbols of this sacrament are the Bible and the Holy Oil. Like all sacraments this sacrament was created by Jesus Christ. When you are anointed, the oil is normally poured over the palms of your hands and your forehead.

Persuasive Writing – Goals

Goal – improve my supportive evidence

Learning Objective – we are learning to use supportive evidence in our persuasive writing.

Success Criteria – we will be successful when we thoroughly understand how to support our evidence, in persuasive writing.

Title: School should be canceled over 35 degrees.

Bad Example:

I think school should be cancled over 35 degrees because i said so. I get bad grades when i could be surfing. Also my drink bottle warms up and i cant be bothered filling it back up.

Good Example:

Kids can get dehydrated by not drinking enough water. Dehydration can lead to dizzyness or tiredness which will stop kids from concentrating. A lack of concentration will lead to bad grades etc etc.


  • None


  • The Bad example was terrible because it had no supportive evidence and it was just one child’s opinion.
  • The Good example was great because not only did it back the arguements up but it did it multiple times.



The Maths behind walking!

you might think that maths is addition and subtraction etc but there is also maths in the most simple things in life such as walking! the distance between each step and how high your foot reaches before touching the ground. the amount of kilometres that you travel per hour depending on the pace that you walk at. Believe it or not walking is actually a sport in the olympics. It’s a walking race that you always have to have at least one foot on the ground. Another thing in walking that is linked to maths is the angle of the leg as you are taking a step (90, 180 degrees).

100 word challenge

” Finally we made it” said Jerry as he jumped out of the car. “What should we do first ” said John as he sprinted towards all the rides at water bomb park. It was lunchtime and when John opened the lid of his lunchbox but there was nothing except fruit and vegetables. It was a disaster. “Dad help I only have healthy food in my lunchbox”. “Oh well” said dad as he got his bathers on. “Go have fun boys but make sure you’re back by 2:00” said Mum. the boys left and were never heard from again.

THE END by jack

Reflection on my workshop

Noah and I did A workshop on prime numbers and I think we did A great job. At the start we went from easy to hard instead of showing the students how the formula works. We decided to start again and everything ran perfectly. At the end of the workshop we got feedback from the people who attended our workshop. Zoe: Noah and Jacks Workshop went really well because I didn’t understand anything they were saying so they helped me and I understood. In the end we all learnt something which was great, so I rate them 10 out of 10! Charlotte: I thought it was a really good workshop because I learnt what a prime number is and a couple of formulas that can help me find a prime number easier So I give them a ten out of ten!